Oct 09
Windows Server 2012 running on iMac/Bootcamp

Being an IT consultant, I've been thinking about server 2012 for some time. I could always have installed it on my Macbook Pro running inside VMware, but sitting on top of another hypervisor/virtualization layer I would not have been able to utilize the Hyper-V within server 2012 itself (or at least, that's what I get from reading various articles).

So, I finally decided to try and install it on my ~2yo iMac at home, using Apple's Bootcamp. Googling "bootcamp windows server 2012" returned blank, but sifting through some articles about Windows Server 2008R2 installs (like this one) I only got more confused, as it seemed like a problem to (in the article) get the install media running on Bootcamp.

After a while I decided to just give it a shot applying Apple's simple and best practice - just do it:

1. After downloading server ISO, I simply opened Disk Utility, inserted blank DVD and clicked "Burn" - choosing the ISO to burn.

2. Open Boot Camp assistant (Under Applications/Utilities), choose to download Windows support software and to install Windows 7 (never mind the "7"). Partition your hard drive, leaving enough room for both Windows and OSX. Store the Windows software on a USB (~1GB) and make sure you have your server install disc still sitting in the disc drive.

3. Watch as your disk is being partitioned, machine restarts and Windows install starts. I was a bit anxious whether the iMac would pick up my bluetooth keyboard and mouse, but - it just works! :)


NB! You will have to format the newly creted partition (named BOOTCAMP) before install can proceed.

4. When Windows installation is complete, insert your USB containing necessary drivers for Windows and your Mac - browse to the first setup.exe you can find under the WindowsSupport folder.


5. To have Wireless running on your server OS (disabled by default), you will need to go Roles & Features, under Features there will be a choice called Wireless LAN service.


After some more restarting, you are practically good to go! 

I went on enabling the Hyper-V service as well, and now I can play around some more with Windows 8 OS and potentially some Lync Server 2013 Preview as well - how cool is that??!

Can't wait to get home and get on with it again!

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